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Reasons Not to Ignore Labor Day This Year

Image by Alina Aigner from Pixabay 

Labor Day became an annual holiday when it was first celebrated on September 5, 1882. It falls on the first Monday of September each year. It’s a time to celebrate workers across the company. Ironically, there are no laws that require companies to give employees the day off or compensate them when they do have the day off. Whatever your business normally does to honor the holiday, there are some important reasons to make Labor Day 2022 a more memorable event.

Why Memorial Day and Labor Day Often Get Confused

Memorial Day and Labor Day are “bookends” for the summer season. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May, marking the introduction of summer and warm weather activities. Labor Day comes at the end of the season when kids go back to school. Although both holidays are meant to honor and remember the work of Americans, people often think of them more as seasonal markers than reasons for celebration.

One distinct difference between the two holidays is that Memorial Day focuses more on remembering American soldiers who died during or after their military service. Still, people use the holiday to decorate gravestones and reflect on the lives of loved ones they have lost.

In contrast, the Labor Day meaning is more about the present. It is meant as an opportunity to show respect and appreciation to all employees who work for you every day.

There are no laws mandating whether businesses should give their employees the day off or pay them for the holiday. Each business is free to handle the holiday in whatever way they like. While many close, others observe business as usual. Some companies only give some employees the day off while keeping others on the clock. If you’ve never thought the day was a big deal for your company, this year is different. There’s never been a more vital time for employers to step up their game.

Reasons Labor Day 2022 Should Matter to You

Employee appreciation has become an important factor for many businesses. In 2022, companies are focusing more on giving their employees recognition for their work.

The idea of working under “acceptable” conditions is no longer good enough. The past couple of years has brought about more options for employees and far fewer for employers in almost every niche. Employees can get higher than average salaries anywhere they want to go. That means that you have to offer new and existing employees what they value the most to entice them to stay. If you can’t make your employees happy, they have more options for moving on with their careers than ever before. Think about taking this Labor Day to a new level that will keep employees satisfied all year long.

There are several reasons that the “same old same old” might not be enough even if you’ve given your employees time off and/or holiday pay for Labor Day in the past. These include:

1. They Worked Harder for You

All types of companies small and large have experienced employee shortages. As a result, existing employees have had to work even harder. Most of us heard about medical professionals getting burnout during the pandemic. Many left the medical profession due to the added stress caused by the workload. But the issue of burnout isn’t limited to the medical field.

Employees in nearly every sector had to take on more work and responsibilities, along with longer work hours. Let them know you recognize the work and dedication they put into running your business.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

2. It Makes Them More Secure About Their Job

Most of us learned a hard lesson about feeling secure during the pandemic – more accurately, about feeling insecure! It was impossible to tell what each new day would bring. Many businesses didn’t survive the changes that Covid brought about. For every business that failed, numerous employees suddenly found themselves without a source of income. A situation like this is devastating to an employee who is happy with their job and has built up seniority in the company.

It helps employees to know that they have job security. That means having a well-defined place within the team. When you take the time and expense to say “thank you,” they know that you’re paying attention to their work. Employee appreciation tells them that they are secure and that their work has meaning. Knowing they are valued can prevent them from seeking employment with another company.

3. It Reaches Them on a Personal Level

Every employee who works for you is important in the overall function of your business. That doesn’t mean that they have the same feelings, beliefs, practices, or expectations. Why treat every employee with the same generic benefit that doesn’t really say anything about who they are or what they’ve done for you?

No matter how diverse your work pool is or how many employees work in your organization, there are ways to address them all. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you offer each employee the same level of treatment. It only means that you recognize each person’s efforts and accomplishments.

4. It’s Good for Your Business

Employees who feel appreciated are more satisfied with their jobs and are more productive. Because the best talent is hard to find and win over, employers are focusing on employee retention. Employees that stay with you have more experience and improved skills. It all comes down to how effectively you can make your employees feel like they belong in your company.

Making Labor Day 2022 Memorable

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Now that you know why it’s so important not to ignore Labor Day this year, it’s time to start planning your celebration. Some suggestions include:

Throw a special event

If giving all your employees the day off isn’t an option, consider planning a special event for the evening. Give out awards to recognize the achievements of all your employees. Gifting is another way to let employees know that you took the time to find something that suits them on a personal level.

Give them a 3-day weekend they won’t forget

Everyone doesn’t like driving during Labor Day traffic. Maybe they don’t have the funds to pay for an impromptu mini vacation. Our Destination Experience Management services can take care of the details for you. Treat them to a memorable experience that they never would have planned themselves.

Include employees at every level

Granted, you might not want to reward an entry-level hire with the same reward as your C-suite executives. But the demand for employee appreciation includes the entire scope of talent at your company. Let us help you plan an event with the attention to detail that will reach every employee at every level.

Let’s Work Together

At EVOKE, we know the importance of creating a memorable experience that is unique and meaningful. We give you the commodity of time while giving complete attention to detail when planning your special event. Contact us by chat, contact form, email, phone, or text. Let’s work together to make Labor Day 2022 a special one for you and

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