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To serve as a marketing lifestyle resource for our clients.

As subject matter experts, our carefully curated promotional products, in-person experiences and brand strategy development, complemented by engaging social media content and informative blog posts, make us the “go-to” resource for enriching lives through distinctive and meaningful experiences. EVOKE is not a typical agency; we are a strategic, professional, lifestyle partner for brand activation and bespoke events and experiences.  

Get inspired with us.

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We focus on everything branding, gifting, events, experiential and sometimes some hard truths and mini rants. This is the place to skim for info that may help you or get some new ideas!

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Experiential Inspirations

Creativity comes from exposure and inspiration. From other ideas, we can build on our own and create greater creations, and, as an industry, continue to grow on and develop the next trends.

Check out our favorite inspiration pins on our Pinterest page. This board is a collection of things we admire and inspire us. For all ideas, follow us on Pinterest!

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