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Incorporate Client Experiences in Your 2022 Marketing Budgets

After companies were largely limited to virtual marketing efforts in 2021, many are looking forward to getting more personal with their clients in the coming year. Companies are making customer experience (CX) a top priority in 2022, and not just on a regular level. Taking the same approach to client appreciation and marketing as before the pandemic might not be enough. The question business owners are asking right now is, “How do I provide the best customer experience with my 2022 marketing budget?” The answer begins by taking a closer look at what’s in your budget.

Getting Down to Detail

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Most marketing budgets include some core expenses such as promotional giveaways, gifting, travel & expenses, trade shows, and paid advertisements. Incorporating client appreciation and client experiences into these core efforts can produce much greater results. Creating an exceptional and memorable experience for a target client is far more reaching than that super expensive trade show pamphlet ad space you’ve been paying for with no visible ROI.

Sometimes, managers have difficulty balancing their marketing needs between retaining existing clients and engaging new ones. Both are essential for any business to grow. You might need to split your marketing budget to compensate for each area separately. Although you might have to take a completely different approach to marketing new and existing clients, the best customer experience starts by building trust.

How to Implement Trust with Event Marketing

You already have a relationship with your existing clients. There might be some people or businesses that you have worked with for years. These clients already know what your company stands for and the level of services or products that you offer. They’ve had time to learn whether you stay true to your policies and keep your word. If they’ve stayed with you, then a special event to show client appreciation can help reinforce your relationship.

New clients are different. They are still weighing their options between your business and those offered by the competition. They aren’t going to buy until they know they can trust you. Event planning for these clients takes more strategy and attention to detail. Some things you need to do to make any event a success include:

Know your target client – Whether you are planning a formal banquet or a trade show, you should build the event around your attendees. This is how you create a memorable experience that will make clients feel special. It will take some research to understand your target client, but the results will be worth it.

Engage with your guests – Nothing is more awkward than sitting at a picnic table or a banquet table surrounded by strangers. Nothing will give your event more value than talking with attendees one-on-one. Receiving an invitation isn’t enough to make clients trust you or enjoy the experience. Talk with them, ask questions, and really engage. Make notes and follow up on topics you discussed after the event. Let each attendee know that you value their opinions.

One way to make your marketing budget go further is by combining recruiting with client appreciation in a single event. Consider what will appeal to your target clients and to those who have been with you for years. A professional event planning service can help create a memorable experience for every level of your marketing needs.

Consider Using Boutique Event Planning Services

Attention to the smallest detail matters when you try to create a memorable customer experience. That’s one area that business leaders often fall short. They don’t have the time it takes to research their clients, choose venues, and make choices that are “out of the box.”

Most event planners have a list of services that they provide according to each client’s wishes. They don’t step away from the traditional “safe” settings that have been used time and time again. Regardless of the scale of your event, there are options for doing something unique while staying on budget. Often, it’s a matter of knowing what to cut out and where impressive changes can be made.

If you are leaning toward a special client appreciation event, it isn’t the formal engraved invitation that will make a lasting impression. It’s the details that add to the customer’s experience. You can cut the expense of printing and send digital invitations instead. Use your savings to purchase gifts, entertainment, or activities that will make your event one-in-a-million.

Another event that existing and new clients might attend is a trade show. One way to make your brand come alive is by incorporating your own event add-on to the show. The fact is that setting up an attractive booth isn’t enough to make any trade show successful. Businesses are using lots of creative ideas to stand out in the crowd. That’s why it’s even more challenging to provide participants with an unexpected experience that makes a lasting impact. If you need help coming up with creative ideas, call the experts at EVOKE.

Fitting Gifting Into Your Marketing Budge

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Gifting is an important part of client appreciation, and it’s also a good way to impress new clients. Promotional products do double duty by making clients happy and promoting your business. The more useful these gifts are, the more likely they are to be seen by other people.

Clothing, tote bags, ink pens, cups, and custom USBs are some of the more popular promotional products. These are items that people take with them to work, school, the gym, and other places. The more they use them, the more they expose your business name to other potential clients. At the same time, the recipient is thrilled to get a gift that they really like. That means they will share their experience with others.

How EVOKE Can Help

At EVOKE, we are unique in our approach to providing marketing services to a broad range of clients. Our primary goal is to achieve an exceptional and memorable experience. At a time when crafting a memorable customer experience is so important for businesses, we go the extra mile to add a creative touch to every event.

We can help you prioritize your spending while crafting an event that ensures an exceptional customer experience. Whether you are planning a client or employee appreciation event or looking to manage travel and expenses in 2022, we can help. We thrive on developing unique events that leave a lasting impression on every attendee, whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a large customer event. To learn more about our services, reach out to us at 469-879-4222 or use our online contact form.

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