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Planning for a Purposeful Event on Employee Appreciation Day


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How important is the issue of employee appreciation? It’s so important that there is a special day dedicated to making your employees feel appreciated! This big day happens every year on the first Friday in March. Mark your calendar for March 4, 2022, and start planning now for an employee event that shows your talented workers how much they mean to you and your company.

The Battle for Talent Retention in 2022

Like so many things, the pandemic has changed how business leaders recruit and retain talent. Record numbers of employees quit their jobs, some to move up to higher-level positions. Others left the workforce altogether, sometimes choosing early retirement or returning to school to advance their education.

The jobs left behind have created more opportunities for talent in nearly every niche. However, there is so much competition out there that employers must raise the stakes for entry-level recruits as well as experienced workers they want to retain. The problem is that other employers are prepared to match or beat financial incentives.

Now that employees have more room to demand what matters most to them, it isn’t just the salaries and benefits employers offer that make a difference. Instead, it’s the feeling of “fitting in” with the company and knowing they contribute to the company’s success. Giving them a sense of “belonging” is more likely to help with recruiting new hires and talent retention than increasing their pay.

Making a One-Day Event Purposeful

Planning a purposeful event for employee appreciation means packing a lot into a single day. Start by approaching your employees and asking them directly what matters most to them right now. What would it take to create a memorable experience that matters to them?

It takes a lot of creativity and imagination to turn other people’s ideas into a memorable experience. Once you have a good idea of the direction your event should take, it’s time to choose a venue, set a theme, choose a menu, find and book entertainment – and the list goes on.

The biggest challenge you face is turning your employees’ ideas into a reality that surpasses their imagination. But how do you turn a single employee appreciation event into a feeling that makes employees want to stay?

At EVOKE, we know that even the smallest details matter. It’s how all the little pieces come together that make an event a big deal. We approach planning your special event with the tenacity and creativity needed to make any occasion a hit. Our boutique event planning services are ideal for any event, no matter how small or large.

Great Gifts for Every Level of Employee Appreciation

The age of giving gold watches to top-level employees only when they retire has come and gone. Today, employee appreciation begins as soon as a new employee comes through the front door. You want to make them a part of all your celebrations for many years to come. One way to make the event special for everyone is to present gifts.

Corporate gifts make a great addition to any event. Our high-end gifts are meaningful keepsakes that your employees will treasure. Put some thought into each gift to make it a more personal one. Knowing an individual’s lifestyle and interests outside of work can help you decide which gift will have the greatest impact.

Create a custom onboarding kit that is personalized for your company or the individual employee. Consider a combination of practical and fun gifts to make them more appealing. Customized apparel with your company name or logo is a great perk.

Venturing Out for Employee Appreciation

You might be tempted to book a reservation at a high-end restaurant or banquet hall for your event. Think about the possibilities that await you when you have access to all the best tools. Add a variety of activities to the mix that encourage interaction, conversation, and a lot of fun. For example:

  • Going to the Nascar races
  • Going on a cruise
  • A day at the horse track
  • A high-ticket sporting event
  • Treating them to a spa day
  • Going on a luxury retreat

Getting to the destination is only the beginning. With EVOKE’s Destination Experience Management services, your group will have a memorable experience throughout every step of your excursion. The more activities they have to stimulate their senses, the happier the memories they will create.

Implementing Team-Building Activities

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

How does team building make employees feel appreciated? Research shows that work friendships play a significant role in employee retention rates. Not only are employers seeing the value of encouraging close relationships among coworkers; some are pushing their employees to socialize and pursue other interests they have in common outside of work.

Employers realize the value of close friendships among coworkers. Having someone to lean on at work can help improve employee satisfaction. Work friends can make it easier to get through tough times and stay on track with tasks, and they may provide a reason to look forward to showing up in the mornings. More importantly, employees tend to stay close to those they already enjoy working with.

Keep the Appreciative Acts Going

Employee Appreciation Day is an excellent opportunity to call attention to new and retained employees. In addition, the day reminds bosses that their talent is the backbone of their business. Failing to recognize employees as your biggest asset can easily result in losing your most dependable talent.

Appreciating employees is something that you should do every day. Present them with trophies, awards, or gifts when they reach certain milestones. Implement a reward system that lets them collect points to earn bonuses. Top rewards might include a spa day, event tickets, or a weekend getaway for the family. Make time to connect with employees and find out when their needs change.

How EVOKE Can Help

Employee appreciation isn’t a new idea. But many of the methods for recruiting and retaining talent are outdated. At EVOKE, we know it takes something extraordinary to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we have the talent and skills to push any event over the top.

To learn more about our services, contact us by phone or text at 469-879-4222 or fill out the contact form on our website. Let us help you make Employee Appreciation Day a standout event for your employees.

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