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10 Ideas for a Summer-Themed Sales Event

Image by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash

You might think that the purpose of a sales event is obvious – it’s a way to increase company sales and raise profits. But often, the reason for an event isn’t that direct. It might be used as a reward for employees to encourage them to do more. Or maybe you want to show clients how much you appreciate their continuing business.

Think About What Event Goers Should Experience

One of the best tips you can observe is to determine the “why” when you oversee event planning. Granted, summer is a popular season for companies that stick with tradition. Before you start signing up vendors for a company picnic, consider your other options. Will a picnic really give your attendees a meaningful experience that has value? Instead, focus on what you can do to make your event unique.

Some tips to consider include:

1. Link Your Event to a Local Festival

Every state has its own list of summer festivals, each of which is unique to the town, county, or state. All the events are different, but they have a similar theme. They also draw lots of visitors who are looking for new experiences.

There are so many ways that you can take advantage of crowds at a festival. Set up a tent where you give everyone promotional products with a purchase. Have a contest where you give products away. You could also sponsor part of the entertainment or a contest.

To consider your options and determine where you can make the biggest impact, contact the organization behind the festival. Use your imagination to turn ordinary event planning into something special.

2. Sponsor Contests to Give Away Baskets Filled with Great Promotional Products

People love to get nice things for free even more than they like to participate in contests. One way to manage it is to have guests keep their entry tickets for their chance at winning. You can also make everyone feel like a winner by handing out less expensive items like pens or notepads printed with your company name and logo.

Combine this event at festivals, trade shows, or even company picnics. Sometimes it’s the attention to detail that makes an event special.

3. Hire Recognizable Entertainment with a Following

People love to meet popular entertainers on their own turf. If you’re responsible for the entertainment, just make sure you get credit for your company. It tells attendees that you care about them and you want to make them happy.

Another idea is to have a talent competition to engage guests. Have either a panel of non-biased judges or let the applause of the crowd pick the winner.

4. Sponsor a Music Festival

Think Summerfest, but on a smaller level. This type of event usually does better when you have different types of local musicians and bands performing. It’s less expensive than hiring big-name bands, but each one will have fans throughout your state and beyond. Mix up the music genres to appeal to a larger audience.

Image by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

5. Have Family Movie Night in the Park

Your customers and/or employees will appreciate a chance to spend time with their families for free. Provide food and drinks in printed dinnerware so your company owns the event. Consider giving out plastic logo cups that they will keep and use later.

6. Partner Up with Other Local Businesses

Of course, you don’t want to work with the competition. But there should be other companies that serve the same customers that you do. It’s a great way to split the costs or double up on the events that you can offer.

7. Take a Yacht Charter 

Some people who have lived on the beach for years have never been on-board a yacht. Most yacht cruises offer one-, two-, and three-day weekend cruises. It’s a wonderful experience for top employees or for your high-end clients.

Check out your options to plan the best event for your need. Enjoy entertainment, swimming and water sports, dolphin and/or whale watching, and team-building activities. A well-planned yacht cruise can serve as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

8. Have an Outdoor Corporate Dinner 

With the right venue, you can create just as formal a setting as you want. One idea is to have an all-white party. One or more white tents with matching linens, decorations, and even an all-white dress code will look stunning. Add candlelight to the setting for a truly magical event.

There are lots of ideas for themed parties that make the occasion more special. Remember that the goal is to try to make it different and memorable. Event planning should never be about doing what is expected. That’s a goal that won’t win you points even if you get it right.

9. Take Your Employees on the Trip of a Lifetime

If the answer to your “why” is to provide your employees with an incentive, why not plan a trip? Incentive travel is designed to help your employees become more successful. The potential to build stronger relationships among team members is the icing on the cake! If motivating your sales team is an essential goal for your future success, this could be the experience that will drive them forward.

10. Hire a Professional Event Planner 

It’s summer – the perfect time to get outdoors and create some memories for your clients and employees. But no matter how much enthusiasm you have about planning the perfect event, it’s challenging to think outside the box.

Hiring a professional for any professional event makes good sense. Let someone else find the venue, develop a theme, book the entertainment, or whatever is needed.

EVOKE Manages the Particulars

There is a lot that goes into any event, even those that are on a smaller scale. EVOKE understands how important the small details are – and how easy they are to miss or forget. Let us handle the plans for your special event and make it even better than you ever imagined. Whether you already have an idea of what you want, or you need someone to develop a custom idea for you, we can help you make all the right choices.

Contact us today to start planning your big summer sales event.

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