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Selling Your Brand During the Holidays

The holidays are an important time for all types of businesses. It’s the culmination of all your efforts from the year – a last-ditch effort to make it a more successful one for your company. It’s also the time when you’re planning on how to make your company bigger and better in the coming year. Now is when you want to establish your brand with existing and new customers going forward.

You also want to find ways to show your appreciation to employees who have helped keep you afloat during difficult times. Even your best efforts at time management might not be enough to accomplish everything on your holiday to-do list.

Rethinking Your Brand This Holiday

Time management is always an issue for companies. With retail closures, tighter budgets, and changes in consumer behavior, many businesses are stopping to rethink their brand. Marketing experts recommend adopting a “people first” approach to marketing. Look at how your products or services can benefit the average consumer. This year, it’s all about creating a better customer experience.

Who Is Spending Money This Holiday Season?

Concerns over the increasing prices of gas, groceries, and other essentials have lower-income shoppers worried. Spending by wealthier shoppers is expected to shadow the decreased spending by those in lower income brackets. It’s important to keep in mind that businesses are navigating unchartered territory. While it’s easy to predict how spending trends will go, it’s better to prepare for any scenario.

Regardless of which end of the income spectrum you cater to, it’s important to create an effective marketing strategy for your target customers. Promote your products and services as luxury or necessity items. Make sure you appeal to every customer on a more personal level.

You should take a close look at your products or services and determine how they factor into the new world of marketing. What little things can you do that make a big difference? With the holidays already underway, what are your options? With some help, you can complete your to-do list, even if you’re out of town.

Lessons in Time Management

Time management is a skill that many individuals struggle with. Getting more done in the time they have often ends up on their New Year’s resolutions list. As important as it is to be organized and plan well, many people realize that it isn’t always realistic. You only have a certain number of hours in the day. You can only spend any second doing one thing. The more you have on your agenda, the more tasks that get pushed back until tomorrow. That’s why so many ideas never come full circle and good intentions remain just that – intentions.

Black Friday has already passed, and the time until Christmas is ticking by. You might think you need a miracle to get anything done. But sometimes, the best time management skill is knowing when to delegate responsibilities to someone else. For most people, this means handing less important tasks to someone else. What if you left the most important responsibilities up to a professional who would give each task the attention to detail that mattered?

The division in your time and your resources are is what makes holiday marketing so difficult. In addition to carrying out tasks to promote your brand and show appreciation for your employees, you also have a family. Even if working over the holidays is a fact of life for you and your family, you do have other options. It doesn’t have to be a choice between work and your personal life. It can be the best of both worlds!

More people are expected to do their holiday shopping online than ever before. As a result, many businesses are turning online for their holiday marketing. It’s both a convenience and a necessity to do your advertising online. Unfortunately, it lacks the personal touch that many customers are looking for this season. With so many businesses doing the same, it takes something special to stand out from the competition. There are more personalized solutions on small and large scales.

Brand Shop – for Gifting or Promotional Products

Promotional products come in a wide variety that people actually use and keep. Giving customers or clients a high-quality promotional product provides them a better customer experience overall. Clothing, office supplies, or tote bags with your brand printed on them will go everywhere the recipient goes. This gets your name and info out there for others to see. There’s no better time to use promotional items than during the holidays. Give them out for customer appreciation, employee appreciation, or as awards or recognition.

Choosing a special gift for customers or employees isn’t always easy. Evoke uses the information you provide about the recipients to shop for the perfect gift. The attention to detail makes a big difference. We use personalization, branding, and special packaging to deliver a gift that makes a lasting impression. We know how to make the right impression on even the most difficult clients.

The psychology behind promotional products isn’t difficult. People love to get things for free! While pricier products are great for client and employee incentives, there are other trends that companies are turning to this holiday season. These product trends focus on giving customers a better customer experience online.

Boutique Event Planning

While businesses are looking for creative ways to boost online sales, many are still planning to make their annual holiday part the “Event of the Year.” Rising vaccinations and booster shots are making it possible to gather in-person safely. If you want to make an impression, it takes out-of-the-box thinking and a lot of attention to detail.

Evoke can help you create a custom event for as few as six or as many as you want. We will secure a venue or work with on-site execution. Let us help with choosing products for gifting or as awards or recognition. We take care of every detail so you can focus on brand promotion, customer loyalty & retention, and employer retention.

Your success at creating better experiences for everyone this holiday season will help you grow your company in the coming year and beyond. Evoke helps you make a lasting impression for your brand while giving you back the commodity of time. Our services create a true human connection between you and your customers or with the people who are closest to you.

Contact us by phone or text at 469-879-4222 or fill out the contact form on our website. Don’t let the holidays pass without sharing your brand with everyone who matters.

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