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Starting with a Great Brand is Key!

Your brand is your identity. When people think of you, working with you, or the product you produced, what do they think of and how do they talk about it? In short… your brand is the way your customer perceives you.​

Your brand should define your entire customer experience. That experience includes everything from the visual branding (logo, colors, fonts, website, proposals, invoices, etc.) to your social media voice and imagery and even the way you answer your phone (brand tone and voice).​

A good brand doesn’t just happen… it is a well-thought-out and strategic plan. When you neglect to spend the necessary time on developing your brand, it can have an impact on your business overall.​

Don’t worry… we can help!

Not every brand needs to be created from scratch, but to be able to use it for promotional products, gifting, event signage, forms, templates, apparel, and practically everything else, we need a proper well-designed brand with solid assets defined by brand standards.

With a brand refresh, you will have:
  • Refreshed Modern Logo
  • Multiple Logo Versions – light background, dark background, single color, etc.
  • Vector File Formats (necessary for promotional products, apparel, and branded goods)
  • Brand Standards & Brand Messaging Guides – including defined colors, fonts, usage rules, tone, imagery
  • Digital Brand Book – to share with all marketing teams and vendors
  • Brand Assets (design elements to use up and above the logo)
  • Brand Templates for Forms, Social Media, Letterhead, and Business Cards
  • Basic Promotional Products to Launch Your New Brand!

Do you need a full brand makeover or are you a new business looking to develop your brand from scratch? We can help with that too. Why is it important?

A strong brand identity…
  • Promotes recognition and association.​
  • Creates a connection with your customers before you can reach them in person or by phone.​
  • Reaches a wider audience.​
  • Sets you apart and protects from your competition. Establishes clarity and direction of your company.​
  • Generates referrals and creates customer loyalty.​
  • Conveys stability and makes your company look bigger and more professional.​
  • Establishes a baseline for which the rest of your business, marketing, customer experience, social media, and all other decisions are based on moving forward

Ready to let us help you with your brand?

The brand design combines strategy, psychology, and story to nail one of the most important elements of branding: the first impression.

Over half of brand first impressions are visual.