Our team delivers an exceptional, memorable experience for your group while traveling. Already have a destination established and internal travel team? We help create unique experiences that a mere travel agent does not even touch, and we become the host for your group in any location.

Getting there is only the beginning, but the experience lies in the details while your group is there.

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We know luxury and we know how to deliver an elite experience. You can trust that any and every caliber of executives you want to treat will come home with the experience of a lifetime.

Executive retreats are both a way to recharge and also regroup to make essential decisions for an organization. A proper retreat will give your executive team an escape from the responsibilities of home and office. It will prime them for inspirational and out-of-the-box thinking, making your get-togethers productive while away from the office.

We know executives have high-end tastes, and we deliver exactly on that. We handle everything from destination sourcing, venue sourcing, experience planning, and meeting scheduling all with the most elite tastes in mind. We will create experiences that are unimaginable for all budgets, cultures, and types of people.

In addition to planning the entire experience, we are also there with you, managing the entire trip to ensure every detail goes as planned. We play "host" for you, making everyone feel welcomed, happy, and entertained while ensuring the actual event host has peace of mind and an equally exciting, stress-free trip.

We can handle every detail of your employee or customer incentive, from the incentive competition idea, planning, and training to the details of planning, communicating, and executing the final incentive trip.

What is Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is a specifically designed business-related trip that provides incentive or motivation to help your sales team or partners become more successful in increasing certain activity or reaching a goal. Alongside the upside of sales increase for incentive programs, travel is also valued by the c-suite as a way to build stronger relationships with their staff.

By default, the cost of the trip is more than made up by the revenue brought in through the incentive. An incentive trip begins first with a well-structured incentive for your teams that gives them ample time to achieve the goal and us ample time to plan the trip of a lifetime.

As of 2017, "incentive travel is used to motivate employees and partners at 38 percent of U.S. firms exceeding $1 million in revenue."

We tailor our incentive trips to be focused on all-inclusive experiential or wellness travel, each encompassing memorable and truly noteworthy experiences to take back to the rest of the staff.


According to the Incentive Research Foundation, one of the challenges today is tailoring incentive travel to "entice an evermore traveled and experience-hungry generation."

Given that EVOKE is run by an experience-rich, travel-hungry millennial, we know JUST what that generation needs! Our extensive experience with travel and once-in-a-lifetime experiences makes us the perfect choice for your next incentive trip.

We not only help as hosts on-site for your trip, but we also ensure that every detail is taken care of and runs smoothly. We are the point person for every activity and in constant communication with your travel experience vendors, from transportation to hotels and to activities.

We handle these for you so you can enjoy the trip…

  • Meet & Greets
  • Ground Transfers
  • Food & Beverage Coordination
  • Dine Arounds & VIP Events
  • Hotel Registration & Welcome Gifts
  • Meeting Space Coordination
  • Private Tours, Sightseeing & Experiential Activities
  • Team Building
  • On-Site Problem Resolution
  • Payment & Closeout for All Activities, Dinners, Hotels, etc.
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