We get to know you, everything about you, in order to PROACTIVELY think about you FOR YOU. We take care of your needs, make your decisions on the small stuff, and make your life easier for those details that matter greatly when missed but hard to do yourself on a busy schedule. We give you back the commodity of time without sacrificing the luxury and expectations you are used to having.

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Whether for your personal life or business life, we serve you in making all things happen. Most importantly, the DETAILS MATTER! If you want to impress a client with an intimate dinner, we will take care of that for you, but we also make it more impressive than you'd ever expect with custom menus, chef experiences, take-home gifts and upscale decor. Anything we do on your behalf will be talked about for a long time to come.

If you want your trips booked and itinerary arranged, we can handle that. If you want tickets and transportation booked to concerts or exclusive events, we can handle that.

Throw anything our way, and we will take care of it with you and your preferences in mind. More importantly, if you want us to just make you look like a badass but do not know exactly what you want to do, we will do exactly that... all details taken care of for you.

Need to send gifts on special occasions or hand-write thank you cards? Need someone to make arrangements for you when customer's or family comes into town?

Because you don't have time, you want to get help from someone capable and trustworthy. Your time is valuable, and that includes having to train, babysit and follow-up with someone who lets you down.

Many people have let go of their assistants as they realized they did not bring as much value over time. We offer solutions that are non-commital, save you money on salaries or employment benefits, and save you the time and effort of training or vetting out a qualified person.


Depending on your needs, pricing will vary. For most concierge needs, we charge a service fee on the cost of the item we are taking care of unless you prefer a retainer for on-going work. For assistant duties, we can charge by the hour or by a monthly retainer.

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