Our agency provides niche services that enhance the Customer Experience (CX), drive growth to promote sales for your company, and buy YOU the commodity of time back. Our creative and unique approach is tailored to your individual needs. Through a variety of services, we create a true human connection for your customers with your brand or for your personal life special moments that you hold to higher standards than any other.

Executive Details Management

We give you back the commodity and luxury of TIME by taking over your specialized needs, giving utmost attention to details, and memorizing your preferences. We have high standards, luxury taste, and a knack for finding the most unique. Let us handle and personalize whatever you need for your personal life, customers, employees, C-suite, board members, and prospects to make an impression.

Boutique Event Planning

We are your premier partner for specialized, high-end, high-expectation and very personalized events of all sizes and scopes. Our events are built to elevate and distinguish you and are planned as part of a larger growth strategy.

Customer Experience Strategy

We custom-tailor a multifaceted, fully integrated strategy that focuses on the customer experience with your brand along every touchpoint to ensure satisfaction, loyalty, and growth for your organization. 

Product, Service & Gift Sourcing

With access to thousands of suppliers in all categories of products, printing, supplies, high-end gifts, and services, we will source and find WHATEVER you need for your business. Consider us a one-stop-shop that always has your business growth and best interests in mind... with fabulous taste and high standard, of course!

Relationship Management

We help your sales team manage their most important relationships by designing unique and personalized client experiences and relationship-building strategies. 

Employee Appreciation & Relationship Building Events

In our mostly remote world today, we need to stay atop of the relationships our employees build amongst each other. While working apart may be working for the business, we plan unique events and activities that help your employee culture, bringing the human connection back into your company. 

Destination & Travel Management

We know how to deliver an elite experience. We help create a unique and immersive trip while being host for your group in any location. Getting there is only the beginning, but the experience lies in the details while your group is there.

Research & Analysis

Ever need to secret shop someone through the same lens you see the world? The same expectations, life experiences and industry knowledge? Through on-site, remote, statistical analysis, survey, and secret shop research, we get into and understand every aspect of your business, your competitors, and your customers.

Personalized Services

What makes us unique is our creative and individual approach to each client and project. Our number one focus growing your business, and our secondary focus is doing it through a differentiated and creative approach that builds loyal lifetime customers. From there, we do whatever it takes!


Small Details, High Expectations, Luxury Taste


We manage the particulars. Those details that make the greatest difference yet are easy to miss or forget. We pay attention to what you need, what you like, who you are impressing, and what quirks you have that need never be forgotten.


"We handle the details so you don't have to!"

Travel • Dining • Ticketing • Errands • Shopping • Sports & Wellbeing • Unique Experiences • Tailored Boutique Events • Small-Scale, Big-Luxury Needs • Sourcing/Interviewing Contract Labor • Relationship Management

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